See who's Stalking You On Facebook

See Who's Stalking You On Facebook: Thanks for visiting the initial non-video edition of, "Does It Really?" where I test life hacks from the internet to see if they actually do exactly what they assert. Today we evaluate the theory that you could discover which of your Facebook close friends might be seeming "more compared to good friends".

Social media isn't really simply elegant innovation that allows you remain in touch with loved ones you do not get a possibility to see or speak to daily, it's also an excellent way to track people without them knowing. Plus, it's much easier than standing outside their window like a creep.

See Who's Stalking You On Facebook.


I made use of Google Chrome for my examination.

In Chrome, clicking "View Web page Resource" will certainly open a new tab full of gobblety-gook HTML code that will certainly make your eyes cross. Neglecting that, I complied with onto step 4 by pressing CTRL+F to raise the text search in the top right edge. "orderedfriendslist" really did not function, so I offered "initialchatfriendslist" a try, and also success!

Notification I've obscured out the numbers on my "listing". Once more, aiming to avoid that entire getting filed a claim against point. Now to discover who been eyeballing me online.

I'll quit right here for the very same formerly mentioned reason of shielding the innocent and such. Right here's what I could inform you. When I pushed ENTER after pasting the very first number on my listing, it did take me to the profile web page of someone I'm friends with through the website. However, it was a various person than the one I obtained previously in the day when I tried. This leads me to assume that this declared "stalker number" isn't really necessarily an individual on your pals checklist that has some kind of ill fixation with you, yet perhaps the last individual to see your profile.

I wouldn't call the examination a failing, since it does take you to a good friends profile if you follow the steps properly, nevertheless it doesn't provide indisputable proof that this specific individual wishes to invest every waking minute wondering exactly what you're mosting likely to do next, however it likewise doesn't mean they don't. As they Mythbusters would certainly say, I 'd call this, at most, "Plausible".