How Do I Add An Admin to My Facebook Page

How Do I Add An Admin To My Facebook Page: Here are illustrated guidelines for the best ways to add a person as an ADMIN, or EDITOR, or any kind of other Page Function to your Facebook Page.

Keep in mind that a Web page is different from a Group, so make sure and also check which one you have.

I have used the Parent Advisory Board Facebook web page, from my little girl's institution, and also the name Alethea Cook as my trial:

How Do I Add An Admin To My Facebook Page.

1/ Most likely to Settings-- > after that click: Web page Responsibilities

2/ Add the individuals name or email and also designate them a role:

3/ Click CONSERVE:

4/ After that she will certainly turn up in the duty you have actually appointed:

Now, as you might have observed, a person had actually currently included Alethea, so she was currently in there!

Yet allow's simply pretend somebody had already included Alethea to this Facebook Page, and also designated her the duty of EDITOR. In that case, if I attempt to include her as an ADMIN, right here's the mistake message that turns up:

A common issue is that individuals aim to add someone as an Admin prior to the individual has LIKED the Facebook Page. So make certain and also check with the person you are aiming to include, as well as ensure they have actually Liked the Web page initially.

But in this instance, let's claim the problem was that a person had actually already added Alethea as an EDITOR.

So after that I first should REMOVE Alethea's role from the Page. And CONSERVE that adjustment.

Then I could add Alethea as an ADMIN-- by following the steps above.

Hope that assists!