Find Your Facebook Stalkers

Find Your Facebook Stalkers: Thanks for visiting the initial non-video edition of, "Does It Actually?" where I evaluate life hacks from the net to see if they really do just what they declare. Today we examine the theory that you can discover which of your Facebook friends might be seeming "even more compared to close friends".

Social media site isn't really simply fancy technology that allows you remain in touch with family and friends you do not obtain an opportunity to see or speak to everyday, it's also a terrific way to track individuals without them knowing. Plus, it's easier than standing outside their home window like a creep.

Find Your Facebook Stalkers.


I used Google Chrome for my examination.

In Chrome, clicking "View Page Resource" will certainly open a brand-new tab filled with gobblety-gook HTML code that will make your eyes cross. Ignoring that, I followed onto action four by pushing CTRL+F to bring up the message search in the upper right corner. "orderedfriendslist" really did not work, so I offered "initialchatfriendslist" a try, and success!

Notice I have actually obscured out the numbers on my "listing". Once more, trying to stay clear of that entire getting taken legal action against thing. Currently to learn that been eyeballing me online.

I'll stop below for the exact same previously discussed factor of safeguarding the innocent as well as such. Here's what I could tell you. When I pushed ENTER after pasting the initial number on my list, it did take me to the profile web page of somebody I'm close friends with through the site. Nonetheless, it was a various individual than the one I obtained earlier in the day when I tried. This leads me to assume that this alleged "stalker number" isn't really necessarily an individual on your close friends list that has some type of sick obsession with you, however possibly the last individual to visit your profile.

I would not call the examination a failure, because it does take you to a buddies profile if you adhere to the steps properly, however it doesn't give unassailable proof that this specific person wants to spend every waking min wondering just what you're mosting likely to do next, yet it also does not imply they don't. As they Mythbusters would certainly claim, I would certainly call this, at a lot of, "Possible".