Facebook Countdown Timer

Facebook Countdown Timer: With our brand-new Facebook Cruise Countdown, you could now access your ticker straight from your Facebook account. Watch the secs melt away as you inch closer and closer to your cruise ship vacation. You can include a countdown to your individual profile web page or to any type of cruise pages to which you're an admin. In a couple of easy actions, you could include your personal, personalized countdown as seen here.

Facebook Countdown Timer.

To include your own, follow these easy steps:.

1. Visit this site to access the Cruise Countdown Clock.

2. Select "Get my Cruise Ship Countdown".

3. Allow approvals (we promise to never abuse your info and depend on).

4. Input your cruise name and day.

5. Struck "Submit".

-- If you regulate any kind of cruise pages, you'll see a box appear to permit you to choose that page.

-- If not, you'll see a mistake box pop up-- neglect it ... no biggie. Just hit "Ok" or whatever it says.

6. You can now access your facebook cruise ship countdown whenever you're on the internet.

-- From your main FB page, you can locate it in your "Applications" list as "Cruise ship Countdown".

-- If you included it to a cruise page, you can discover it in the tab bar of that page as attended the right.

To learn more on ways to add a Cruise ship Countdown Clock for Facebook, the Internet, and Ship Mate, please click above.